Wednesday, October 31, 2007

What you have for dinner?

Tonight Terese didn't know what to cook for dinner. Some days you just dunno what to eat lah. I wish I don't have to eat and just run on batteries so no need to worry about eating 3 times a day.

But she play around with what we got and ended up with this; chicken with pumpkin, panchetta and beans. Mmmm...not bad also, it was yummy. Tasted like chicken, hold is chicken! So what you have for dinner tonight?

Only the best will do

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Typical Monday

Today was such a busy day, everyone was busy working. Even I had to give up my blogging! Normally I'll be able to write a few paid posts in a typical working day but not today.

Maybe I should quit my job and blog full time! I doubt it's a good idea. To top it off its Monday so everyone's in a foul mood except for one person. At least one person is happy and that's the kiamsiap boss. You can practically hear the cash registers going "kaching, kaching!" in his eyes.

Watch it at

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Achilles tendon

These couple of days I've been carrying bucket loads of water from my shower to the water barrel downstairs and all these heavy loads has hurt my right Achilles tendon. Its not that bad but I think rest should put it back to good health. Problem is I have to continue carrying water twice a day because there's no rain.

Speaking of no rain the dam's water is steadily on its way down. We had a rise during the winter months which took the level up past 40% capacity but now its sliding back down. This summer looks like another scorcher which is not looking good and that's why I must continue to save water and use my shower water to water the garden. No choice.

Body beautiful

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Progress on the possum deterrent

I've had the Strayban possum deterrent for 6 days now and so far its been doing really well. I've been checking on the progress and logging them in my little notebook to see if the deterrent has done any significant difference to help protect the roses and I've only seen 2 damages done thus far.

And I can also see new young shoots coming out of the rose bushes where the possums used to attack meaning no more possums are eating them which is really good news. I will continue to log the progress until 14 days coz that's the last day of the trial period. By the looks of things right now I think I will keep the device and not return it for a money back.

My most romantic experience

My wife and I have been married for over 10 years now and the relationship is still going strong. Yes we have our ups and downs but so do everyone else. The key to any lasting relationship is trust and we have to work hard to keep the flame burning even into our twilight years. The most romantic experience we’ve had in our relationship would have to be the time we went on the cruise ship in the Pacific.

It was the most memorable summer I can remember; 10 days of fine weather, great sceneries, hospitable crew and locals, plenty of on-board entertainments and romantic nights under the stars in the wide open sea. Just like something out of a Mills & Boon romance novel! Actually years ago when I was younger I used to think that Romance Novels were all written with nonsensical ideas conjured up by silly authors who have their heads up in cloud nine. But nowadays I realized that there is real romance in our normal daily lives, we just have to look harder. And our 10 years of marriage is proof that romance is still truly well and alive and can be material for the next Mills & Boon novel!

Monday, October 29, 2007

1 lost hour

The most interesting thing that happened with my day is that its daylight saving time again. Officially at 2.00 am last night everyone has to fast forward their clocks to 3.00 am meaning we all lost an hour of sleep.

No wonder I’m grumpy today, I just lost an hour sleep! Woke up at 7.30 am and it was already 8.3o am, where did the time fly to? But I always welcome daylight savings every year, why not? We get more hours of daylight from now till April giving me more excuse to not go to sleep yet! I just hope my internal clock can adjust accordingly too coz tomorrow I don’t want to rock up at work late.

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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Bird shit

Today I went into the city to get some paints for my model. As I was walking down the street I was bombed by a bird right smack on my left sleeve and I had to walk around town with a bird shit on me everywhere I went.

I can't remember now but is it good or bad luck to be shit on by the birds? If its good luck then maybe I should buy a lottery ticket. If its bad luck I don't wanna know about it!

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Saturday, October 27, 2007

I found the leak

Tonight I found out where the water is leaking from. Lucky it's not leaking from the pipes or there'll be even more expensive repair. It's actually leaking straight from the upstairs floor.

Which means the water is leaking straight from the shower pan itself. I went to check the shower pan over with a torch and found a very tiny chip on the surface. Looks like something heavy has been dropped onto it and punctuated the fiberglass shower pan. Tomorrow I'll go to Bunnings to see if I can get something to seal it.

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Friday, October 26, 2007

The problem is getting bigger

I told you about my leaky ceiling in the laundry room. Seems like the problem is bigger than I thought. I may have to take off the whole ceiling in the laundry room to fix the leak.

The water started leaking through the light hole and soon soaked through the plaster. When I removed the light the plaster gave way because it has soaked right through.

I wanted to see where the leak was coming from so I made the hole even bigger. I could see the drain pipe inside but couldn't see where the leak was coming from so I'm gonna have to make the hole even bigger! But that will have to wait till tomorrow.

Know your odds in poker

I like a game of poker every now and then but I don’t really know my odds when playing with the pros. I wish I knew a bit more about my odds in a poker game so when something like Pre-Flop Advantage came out I was interested. Pre-Flop Advantage is a hand held poker odds calculator that will help you decide whether to call, bet, check or raise during your poker game depending on your odds.

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Claim insurance or not?

I rang up my insurance company inquiring about the possibility of making a claim on the damage done to my laundry ceiling due to the leaky shower. I was told that I can claim for the damage done by the water but not for the repair of the leak meaning I still need to get my leaky shower fixed first before they can repair the ceiling. But I also have to pay an excess fee of $300 if I want to go ahead with the claim and my rating 1 will be demoted to rating 2.

Tomorrow someone will be coming to my house to find out where the leak is coming from so they can report back to the insurance company. Then I'll be able to get the leak fix before they fix the ceiling. I'm still undecided whether I want to claim it or not because if the repair can be done by myself cheaply I may just do it myself. We'll see...

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So far so good

So far so good. Its been 2 nights and 1 day that I've installed the possum deterrent and I'm monitoring the effectiveness of it. Last 2 nights there's been no damage done to the roses but yesterday I did see 1 damage done to one rose bush.

Its still early stage but I'll have a clearer picture in 2 weeks as to how good this deterrent is. If it works I'll be recommending it to everyone who has a similar problem but if it fails I'll be asking for my money back since they have 14 days trial period.

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

No way I'm giving them another coat lah!

Che-cheh wants me to show her these pilots after I've finished painting them so here they are. Don't laugh at my skill ya, I'm just a novice and this is the first time I've painted something so small!

Took me a couple of hours to paint them both, one to sit in the cockpit and the other just standing there. I did my best not to shake my hands when I paint but from here they look okay lah hor.

But if you look closer they look shocking; pretty crappy job! So hard to paint such small objects lah, my hands were shaking so uncontrollably leh. Had to use magnifying glass summore.

Also painted the back as well, I think the back look better than the front but the jumpsuits look like they need a second coat. No way I'm giving them another coat lah!

Finding an apartment in Charleston

I remember years ago before we bought our house we used to live in different rental properties all over town. It was tiring because every couple of years we were forced to move either because of the lease expiring or the prices have been jacked up. So I dread moving houses and was happy when we finally settled in our own house where we can stay till we die!

But now that I’ve been offered this great once in a life time opportunity contract to work in Charleston, I need to find a rental property again. I don’t know the area very well and I didn’t even know where to start but lucky for me I found which lets me find Charleston Apartments easily in just a few clicks. And they’re not just localized to Charleston area but all over the country so if you’re looking for a rental property either an apartment or a house then look no further than where you’re sure to find the right place.

My ceiling is leaking

Last night we found out that water is leaking through the ceiling of the laundry room. The shower cubicle is directly on top of the laundry room so the water is from the shower. I suspect the drain pipe that drains the shower water off has sprung a leak but the drain pipe is hidden in-between the shower cubicle and the laundry ceiling thus making it hard to get to it.

If there's any work to be done the laundry ceiling will have to be taken off meaning a costly repair. Sigh. If it's not one thing it's another. What could have caused it to leak though? Could it be the weight of the water when I collect the shower water in buckets when I shower? There's about 40 liters of water I can collect every time I take a shower, how heavy will that be? That shouldn't be too heavy to break the drain pipe now should it? I had a shower this morning but didn't see the leak, we'll just wait and see...

Find the right cartridges

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Email from Japan

Woohoo! Just got an email from HobbyLink Japan saying that the oders I placed and paid for are shipped out today. So I'll be waiting in anticipation for my new model kits to arrive, don't know how long it'll take to reach Melbourne but Japan seems so far away.

The model kits I'm waiting on are the Y-Wing Fighter, Jedi Starfighter and Jango Fett's Slave 1. I save some money buying from Japan instead of from Sydney, they're just over priced in Sydney! I also put in more orders for other models like the Millennium Falcon, Star Destroyer and the 1/48 X-Wing Fighter but they're out of stock so are placed in the back orders. Never mind, I'm very patient.

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Tea with The Count.

Readers be warned: This post contains substances that you may or may not find offensive. If you think you do not possess a STRONG sense of humour, leave now. If you have a good sense of humour, I hope you like it... Question: What does Barbie use for tampons?
Answer: Tic Tac
Question: What does an elephant use for a tampon?
Answer: A sheep.
Question: What does Count Dracula use for a tea bag?
Answer: A used tampon!

NB: Very sick joke but you had been warned.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hotel in Blackpool

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Rebate is here

Yippee! The rebate from Symantec has finally arrived. It was a couple of months ago when I bought a copy of Symantec's Internet Security that came with a $30 rebate.

I actually bought the software because of the rebate but I've forgotten all about it for the last 2 months until today when I received a mail from Symantec with the cheque of $30. I'll bank the cheque tomorrow.

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Beautiful teak furniture for less

I love timber furniture particularly teak furniture. Somehow furniture made from teak seems more elegant than steel or other building materials and they last a lifetime. In fact the older they get the better looking they seem to get; I love those old antique teak furniture that cost a bomb to purchase.

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Go have a look for yourself, I want to get some teak garden furniture that I saw there that are to die for. I need to get some lounges; they are solid, strong and will last against the hot summer sun and the elements for years to come. I also want to get a garden bench so one of their teak benches will look really good in my garden. And finally I got to have one of their teak tables in my dining room. A teak dining table will be perfect when entertaining. Go get some teak furniture for yourself too.

Mastering the technoque

It makes all the difference when I put those decals on my X-Wing Fighter model last night. I spent all night doing it but I since have mastered the technique of applying those microscopic decals. Well maybe not mastered yet but I've learned how to apply tiny decals the size of a pin head!

Before the decals was on the craft looked plain with it's ivory color all over but with the decals on it looks like the real thing now. Can pass, I'm learning so much about this scale modeling. Tonight I'm going to attempt to paint the pilot which is going to be a major challenge. See how I go...

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I went to see ASIMO the world's most advanced robot by Honda at Chadstone today. I love it so much that I had to get one home for myself. Since I can't have the real one I settled for a Mini ASIMO!

It's small but it's so cute leh...can walk summore. No need battery wan, just wind him up at the back. No believe? Watch the video below to see him walk;

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Good on you Dean!

Yippee! I just saved myself some money on my new hobby. Dean just found out that I've taken up scale modeling and told me he was into it for years before he stopped 2 years ago.

And because he still has some paints and brushes that he used to use but have been neglected since, he decided to give them to me. Good on you Dean! I will put them to good use I'm sure. Looks like another weekend spent on scale modeling again. Have a good weekend people!

For girls only

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Saturday, October 20, 2007

What have I done today?

OMG! It's 5.45 pm and what have I been doing all day? Let's see...I woke up around 7.30 am, had breakfast, wrote paid posts, work on my scale model, vacuumed and mop the floor, changed the fish tank's water, water the garden, wrote more paid posts, worked on my scale model again, wrote more paid posts, worked on my scale model again and am now writing this!

I'm still in my pyjama that I wore last night and haven't had my morning shower yet though it's evening now. Where have the time gone? It's so much fun doing the scale model that I've started to neglect my blogs. Shame on me...but I still managed to write lots of paid posts though. Have to get paid so I can get more model kits!

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Back's playing up

Damn! My back's playing up again. Must be all the carrying buckets of water that I've been doing. It hasn't been raining recently so I have to resort to grey water from my showers to water the garden. Well I have to keep doing it if I don't want the garden to suffer.

Speaking of which one of the waratahs I planted isn't doing too well. It has a few yellowing leaves and falling off. Could be hungry for water? But I thought they don't like too much water. I've poured in heaps of water today and will be keeping an eye on it. Hope it'll pull through, fingers crossed.

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