Thursday, July 30, 2009

Walk in tubs

As we grow older or if we’re struck down with a disability that impairs our movement simple things we take for granted like getting in and out of the bath tub can be a chore not to mention dangerous. Thank goodness some bright sparks came up with walk in tubs that don’t require climbing into like the conventional bath tubs. All we need do is walk straight into it! It’s a great idea so I guess I have to keep this in mind for my future bathroom.

Starting over

The brocolini plants were just not what we thought they were going to be; they're bitter and fibrous so there's no point in keeping them in the veggie patch. So I ripped them all out and prepare the soil for some new veggies to go in their place.

But before I can put in the new plants I had to turn the soil over till it's loose and friable. Next I added 2 bags of cow manure, handfuls of blood & bones, lime and potash before mixing them all into the soil. Now the veggie patch is ready for new plants.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Weight loss pills

Looks like I’ve overdone it again; I ate too much and now I’ve ballooned again. Time to go on another diet again, seems like I’m forever going on diet. I really admire some people who never worry about putting on weight when they eat. Guess my metabolism is just not high like theirs; I’ll be needing some weight loss pills to help me through it. Good luck to me.

Fingers crossed

Well after a couple of months busy with work it looks like things are slowing down a bit. Which is not unusual since this business tends to be seasonal, we either get a feast or a famine, busy or quiet, never in between.

Then again the quiet times are the best times to test out the online ads I've been paying for. Let's see if they work or not, it would be a huge disappointment if they don't. Fingers crossed.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Diet pills

Many of my friends struggle to loose weigh including myself. Not that we are obese but we just like to live a healthy life and hopefully live a little longer life. The common sense approach to achieving a healthy lifestyle is good healthy food and regular exercises. But sometimes that is still not enough so diet pills help. I try not to be too dependent on pills so I always do my homework on them before deciding which are suitable for me and when I find one that works for me I stick to it.

Start again

Well it looks like the brocolini we planted is a flop. Took us over 2 months to grow them but we had a taste of it the other night and it tasted nothing like the ones we buy from the shop! We got ripped off. It had a bitter and peppery taste to it and very fibrous. Not like the familiar sweet and tender taste of the ones we get from the shop. I think its because of the variety we got from this particular grower. We tried one from Oasis and that one tasted good but not these ones. Guess we just have to rip them all out and start again.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New client

We had a new client yesterday. Its good to get new clients, you never know when one of your old clients might drop off the radar. So yes, its good to get a new client because we've been losing some old clients throughout the year. But most of the clients are small clients, not that I don't want them but a couple of big ones would be better. Small ones pay small but big ones pay more. Then again we cannot handle too big a client simply for the fact that we're not big enough to handle the workloads. So something in between would be just right.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Insurance quote

I know someone who drives a nice Honda Integra with no insurance. What a dumb idea. The car is worth a lot of money but she doesn’t even have insurance for it. What will she do if she gets into an accident? How would she pay for damages if it’s her fault? Worse still if someone was hurt? That’s the problem with young people nowadays, they don’t think. Go get an insurance quote now before you get into your car Vanessa!

Where could it be?

I'm just terrible. I'm always misplacing things around the house. Why can't I find the things I want around the house. I knew I put it somewhere safe but why can't I find it now? So frustrating, I've been searching high and low, rummaging through all the drawers and I still can't find it. I can't find my iPod!

The problem is I don't use my iPod that often so now that I have a need for it I can't find it. I'm such a dill. I've just downloaded a bunch of Nickelback albums but I can't listen to them because I misplaced my iPod. Where could it be?

Auto insurance quotes

We have two cars for many years and they were both insured with the same insurance company for years. Whenever the renewals come I just pay them and not bothered to compare the price with other companies. You can say I was a very loyal customer but loyalty gets you nowhere because I’ve since compared all my insurance quotes and you know what? I can save myself heaps of money if only I shop around! So for auto insurance quotes that save you money, make sure you shop around before paying your next renewal. Don’t do what I did, I was a sucker.

Bugger that!

So what d'ya know? So my brother does read my blogs, I never would've thought of that but I've just found out today that he does from time to time. So I guess I should be careful with what I write. But why should I censor myself? I should be able to write whatever I feel like since its my blog. Unfortunately things are never that simple.

So from now on I have to think before I write; is it too controversial? Will it offend people I know? Will it get me in deep trouble? Oh bugger that! I'm writing whatever I like okay?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Engagement rings

I must admit, when I proposed to Terese I didn’t get her a ring! I remember her saying she didn’t want one but we did get wedding rings for both of us together. So now after so many years of marriage she’s nagging me about her not getting her diamond ring! That’s why I’m checking out where you can find engagement rings, wedding rings or any kind of rings you’re looking for they got it there.

Kudos to Aussies

Reality TVs. They're everywhere nowadays and growing in popularity by the months. First there's Survival, then The Amazing Race, Big Brother and now MasterChef. I'm not really a great fan of reality TV but I like Amazing Race and MasterChef.

MasterChef is the biggest thing in Australia at the moment. Though started by the British the Australian version is heaps better. They've changed the format of the show and now due to the success of Australian MasterChef they're selling the new format to European countries. Kudos to Aussies!

Outer Banks rentals

I love spending holidays by the sea, love the smell of the sea, the sound of the waves rushing onto the beach and the seagulls. Days spent in the warm sun and sands, surfing on the waves. It’s just my kind of holidays and I can’t wait for my next break so I’m busy looking for Outer Banks rentals at work now since that’s where we’re planning to go next.

Free meals

What a nice lunch we've just had, best of all it was free! Ivan's shout since he lost a bet to my MIL about getting a good price for her house. He thought it wouldn't fetch over $400K but it did better than that so being a man of his word he shouted us all to lunch. We went to Plume in Doncaster for Yumcha. So I made sure I ate a lot!

Last night we had a free meal also; a friend's birthday dinner at Templestowe Hotel. Been to that place a few times already but the food is getting from normal to boring now. Its time to look for another place to go next for my birthday next month.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Women shoes

I’ve always had trouble looking for shoes because of my feet size; they’re a little smaller than most people. So finding the right size for my feet can be agonizing sometimes when the smallest size they have is usually one size bigger than my feet so imagine my glee when I came across this store that stocks shoes of my size! They have all kinds of shoes there; women shoes, men shoes and even children shoes. Blessed shoe heaven!

Pleasant surprise maybe.

The weekend is finally here and we can all have a little rest before going back out there again to fight another week. So what's on this weekend? Well not a whole lot actually but maybe going to a birthday dinner on Saturday night at the Templestowe Hotel.

We have been to the Templestowe Hotel for lunch many times before but never for dinner. I don't think there would be much difference in the menu except for the price. Don't know, we might be pleasantly surprised maybe.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Home projects

Like most people nowadays I prefer to do my shopping online instead of trolling around town looking for those special tools I need for my home projects. The internet has revolutionized the way most of us shop. A search of a particular item on the search engines will easily enable the shoppers to find their products and one of the best places I do my shopping is at where I can find all the tools I need for my projects like circular saws and any other hardware for home improvement. And they even find the best available price saving me time shopping for the right price. Give ShopWiki a go and I’m sure you’ll thank me for it.


Yesterday my In-laws sold their house that they've been living in for the last 22 years. It was an auction sale and the buyer was willing to pay $430,000 for it. The house itself is old and run down but the buyer has alternative plan for the land; he's a developer who's going to sub-divide the property into 2 or 3 dwellings.

Seriously we didn't expect the auction would go that high but it did. But it did and at a really good price. The In-laws have already bought another property in Sunshine close to their son at $405,000 which means they have $25,000 of cash to spare. They're going to need to fix the new place with that money I supposed.

Thursday, July 02, 2009


I’ve always wanted to do more physical exercises but going to a gym is not an option. So working out at home is the only answer for me and there are a lot of ways I can work out in the privacy of my own home. One of the exercise programs I’ve come across and am quite interested in is the Kettlebell workouts. DVDs of the exercises and a free kettlebell is included in the package to kick start my new program. I can’t wait to start on it.

Happy new financial year!

Can't believe it has been a year since we took over this business and running it from home. So how has it been all these times? Well we had our fair shares of ups and downs but I think we just managed to get through alright.

I think next year will be better, even though we lost a few old customers we also gained a few new ones and with the online ads running we should be able to gain more customers in the future. Happy new financial year!