Friday, September 21, 2012

Church chairs by chairs4worship

This year the club is finally getting the chance to put in an auditorium in the new building. Much is done and the rest are progressing as scheduled. The committee has decided to put in those church chairs by chairs4worship instead the original choice. We can save some cost this way and use the savings for other things like going towards the Christmas party.


Waterlilies play multiple roles in a water garden. Their large leaves create shade, produce oxygen, provide a hiding place for fish and produce large beautiful flowers. The tropical waterlilies can be distinguished from the hardier types that grow almost everywhere from the flower stalks, which are above the water. The flower buds and stalks are edible and can be used in salads, just peel off the ‘skin’ from the stalk before eating. The margins of ponds are usually planted with bog plants that are very important because they filter out any unwanted materials. Some good marginal plants include the flowering Woolly Frogsmouth, Philydrum lanuginosum and canna species like Canna indica. There are also some beautiful foliage plants such as Lepironia articulata. If you want advice or help choosing the right plants go to a specialist nursery and remember not to let your pond go, they do need some maintenance.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Komplete 8 ultimate musicians friend

As if I haven’t spent enough money for my son’s enthusiasm on his alternative music, now he wants me to get him a komplete 8 ultimate musicians friend. Said its got everything he needs to help him with his music study. Oh well, what a dad to do but to support his son? I hope and wish him well, that he’ll be successful in his music and won’t have to depend on me too much soon enough.


he garden accounts for about one third of our water consumption, so it is an obvious place to cut down on water use, while still enjoying all the benefits of gardening and growing beautiful, easy-care plants. 

Generations of gardeners have drawn inspiration from the cool, moist gardens of England, which are ironically quite contrasting conditions to many parts of Australia. Perhaps more appropriate places to look to would be the dry landscapes and deserts of the world. For many of us, particularly those of us with busy lifestyles, low water use gardens can be very appealing. It is a garden that is beautiful as well as practical. It is just a matter of knowing how to go about it.

Roc n soc throne height adjustment problem music12

My 16 year old son is complaining about the special chair he had me buy last month. It was one of those drummers chair because he said he needed it for his drumming. I always said there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a normal stool but what do I know right? Well now he’s not happy with his roc n soc throne height adjustment problem music123, saying he’s found something better. What? I’m not his open check book okay? Go work for it if he wants another one.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


The name chrysothemis comes from ancient literature. Chrysothemis was the daughter of Agememnon and Clytemnestra. She was a demure person, it is difficult to see why the name applies to this plant because, although it's demure, it's not very forgiving and it doesn't like strong sunshine. Ideally, it should be sited on an east facing window sill, and it doesn't like to dry out, similar to African violets. It needs some moisture but doesn't like to be too wet at the roots. Otherwise, it's a pest and trouble free plant.

Chrysothemis have bronze foliage but the crowning glory of this plant is its flowers; beautiful little flowers which last for a very long time. When they drop off, the bracks which are even brighter, last even longer. 

They can be grown in a shallow container, as they don't have deep roots. Plant them in an African violet mix. During winter time, they will die down to the ground. Simply stop watering them for that period. When they start reshooting in spring, that's when you start watering them. All they need in summertime is a once monthly feed with a liquid seaweed fertiliser, and there you have it: a delicious new pot plant well worth the hunt.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Maha powerex

I love gadgets, all kind of gadgets therefore I go through batteries like no tomorrow. So for my birthday I was given a maha powerex rechargeable battery set and it’s saving me a fortune in batteries. I love it! This is the best gift I got this year so I can’t wait to get it working 24/7. I just hope its going to last longer than most of my gadgets.

Staking Tomatoes

Tomatoes have two growth forms. The main cropping varieties, such as Apollo, are traditionally grown up tree stakes, or suspended from glasshouses, on wires. A single stem is trained upward and the side shoots are removed for a really heavy crop.

But cherry tomatoes have a freely-branching habit. If you train them as a single stem, up a stake, you lose over half the fruit. Commercial growers use wire fences, but I've modified that idea for the home garden.

Just use lattice, supported by stakes. The joy of growing them like this is that you can loop the plants through the lattice as they grow. This means training becomes really simple.

The advantage of growing tomatoes on a frame, as opposed to a ground cover, is that you keep fruit and leaves away from the soil. This cuts down the risk of fungal disease. And the joy of growing cherry tomatoes like this is that they're really trouble-free and you get a lovely crop – in fact about two kilos of fruit every week for about 10 weeks. It’s a tip well worth trying.


I remember her as a healthy and out-going woman who’s always doing something. But after that scare that landed her in the hospital she’s finally back home with us. We have to tell her to slow down but she’s a very determined woman who won’t let a little medical setback slow her down. At least she constantly monitoring herself with the oximeter the doctor insisted she has with her everyday.

Understanding Mulches

There are two basic types of mulch - inorganic mulches, such as pebbles and gravel - and organic-based mulches, such as pine bark, bales of pea straw, chopped pea straw, and sugar cane mulch.

Organic-based mulches break down and add goodness to the soil. A favourite is baled pea straw. It is good because the bale can be broken apart into biscuits and these pieces are spread out on the ground. This means it doesn’t blow away and the birds won’t scatter it.

When mulching with different straws or sugar cane it’s important to add at least five to seven centimetres for each layer to make it work effectively. But it needs replacing every year because it breaks down. Heavier mulches, such as pine bark or pebbles, need only be four to five centimetres deep.

Monday, September 03, 2012

Henri fountains

The backyard needs a proper make over. I’m embarrassed every time we have friends over. We need to make it nice and welcoming so we can have dinner parties every weekend. So with the help of a few friends we’re going to transform my backyard into a garden of Eden! We’re going to put in pergolas, henri fountains and lots of beautiful flowering shrubs. My backyard is going to be the envy of all my friends.

Slater Control

Slaters are a multi-legged, land-living crustacean found all over Australia. They are known as Wood Lice, Pill Bugs and Roley Poleys. They're scavengers, which mean they mainly feed on decaying organic matter and, in doing so, recycle nutrients and help build soil. Unfortunately, every now and again they turn their attention to living vegetable matter and that's when they can become an absolute nightmare in the garden.

In recent years there has been an explosion of slaters in Western Australia. Josh thinks this is probably as a result of the mulch everyone has been putting on their gardens which creates perfect conditions for them to breed up to high numbers.